The School of Self Reinvention

010: Reinvention From Crippled Girl to Empowered Woman - with Viktoria Seavey

November 13, 2021 Sandy Wade Season 1 Episode 10
The School of Self Reinvention
010: Reinvention From Crippled Girl to Empowered Woman - with Viktoria Seavey
Show Notes

Born & raised in Hungary, today’s guest had a passion for running & sports and wanted to become a PE teacher.  But life had different plans.  In 1994, at the young age of just 14 she started to experience severe joint pain and was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.  The prognosis given to her meant a wheelchair by the age of 30.  

But in 2002 Viktoria started to reinvent herself by asking bigger questions about who she is, her purpose and what is life all about.  When the student is ready, the teacher appears.  Viktoria’s incredible journey is proof that a reinvention can happen no matter what your circumstances! 

Viktoria believes we have the power to shift our perception & live the life we long for, regardless of our current circumstances.

She says her illness is one of the million obstacles that people experience every day. One can learn to perceive obstacles as transformational tools that enable us to find our light and connect with the God. 

Viktoria also believes we came here with a purpose but not without guidance; we all were given a map imprinted in our hearts. Our job is to reveal and follow it in partnership with God. And as we do so, miracles happen.

Viktoria is now a heart-centered transformation life coach and holistic healing coach.  She empowers others to build a life they love living.

Through her own healing journey & life path from Hungary to now living in the U.S., she is committed to the quest to fall in love with life repeatedly.  She started a spiritual counseling practice to now grow her wellness enterprise worldwide. 

Viktoria’s passion is sharing her experience & journey to help others connect more deeply with their intuition and imagination to heal themselves from the inside out as they are discovering their truths – becoming fulfilled and experiencing greater freedom. 

I couldn’t wait to sit down with Viktoria and talk about her journey.  How she was able to turn this crippling diagnosis around and reinvent her life in such an incredible way!  




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